The Third Act

Red ButterflySo much has been said about my generation, the Baby Boomers. We've lived our lives on the cutting edge of social change, for better or worse, and now we're the senior citizens. Jane Fonda calls this time of life, "The Third Act." I understand that reference - the third act before the final curtain. But, in many ways, I've only just begun. I'm more myself today than I've ever been. More excited to be alive. More sure of what I want. So, if this is the third act, it is the sweetest by far. Perhaps as sweet as the caterpillar's third act. She sheds that awkward young body and is known forever as a butterfly - more fluid, more free, more able to dance in the wind, and as beautiful as she will ever be.

In truth, measuring time is just a concept. What do any of us ever really have on this earth but today? Today - precious, beautiful, rich, full of joys and sorrows, full of magic, work, love and creative expression.

Today is enough.


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