Letting In The Light

Front Door

June is flying by on eagles' wings as I step back for a moment to reflect on a life filled with new beginnings: a new CD in the works, my little rescued doggies who have now accepted me as family, my newly renovated home waiting to be reborn. So much to look forward to and to share.

Last weekend, I received the keys to the new door of my home at Spyglass Point. This is a very special door designed to bring in the light, to be welcoming to all who enter, and to frame new experience with the sturdiness and beauty found in a life well lived. As I took the keys into my hand, I knew I would return to my home later to reflect and pray, and to call in my husband from the other side, along with our angels, to bless this new beginning. This was also our anniversary weekend, so the energies were high and low, ending on a high note of gratitude for all the things in life that had blessed us. And I know that these blessings will follow me as I continue my walk on this earth, living in my new home with the new door and all the light my life can hold.

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