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I'm Lynn Rose Curtin, and I'm so happy you have joined me here to learn about my music and the techniques I use in working with dying people and their families.

Despite our differences as individuals, all people share two profound experiences. We are born, and we die. While we think of birth as joyous and sacred, many of us are afraid to die. Yet the time that surrounds our death is sacred, too, and it is possible to experience joy and peace as we approach our own deaths or while we help our loved ones with theirs.

Many years ago, as a young singer/songwriter, I performed in clubs and festivals around the country. It was a fun time in my life, but I always felt something more powerful calling me. As I grew older, I began to write music to comfort and honor dying people and their families. Working in hospice as a volunteer coordinator and music minister for many years, and now using my music ministry for Unity Church of Jacksonville Beach and as Chaplain for the National League of American Pen Women, I am continuing my work with the dying and their families. I have refined my skills and developed specific material that helps facilitate opening hearts, forgiveness of self and others, letting go without fear, and most of all, connecting to Spirit or God, according to each individual's understanding and definition.

My music is sacred music designed to highlight the dying process. It is contemplative and open and can change in the moment, unlike listening to favorite music or popular songs that people may know. Based upon a patient's needs or desires, I might play my guitar and sing original sacred songs. I might chant sacred tones with my meditation drum, play sacred chimes, talk with the patient and family, hold their hands, or simply sit in meditative silence. 

I’ve had the honor of accompanying many individuals in their transition through their last days, hours, and even moments. Then a few years ago it became my time to support my husband during his transition, and it was life changing for me. When we lose someone we have loved and journey with them in their experience of dying, we are fundamentally changed. Everything we have done before takes on a different purpose and meaning, and so I have gone deeper into my own connection with the Sacred and my music reflects that heart-expanding journey.

Music has always been my Muse. It opens our hearts, eases feelings of isolation and fear, and helps connect us with the dying experience. It can help to sustain us through the powerful emotions of grief and loss that surround death. Now I personally have felt the healing that comes afterwards through the gifts that music brings. 

I believe these transitions we call birth and death are essentially the same experience. We pass from one realm of existence into the next, but our souls are immortal. My life's calling is to help as many people as I can enter into this transition called death without fear, with gentle acceptance, and in peace.

Much love and peace to you,


Lynn Rose Curtain


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